Mac second monitor screen resolution

There are several reasons why a monitor may not show output at its native resolution. If you have attached a secondary display to your Mac, be it a computer monitor, a projector, or a television, you might naturally wish for the Mac to output video in the display's native resolution. This will keep the pixels at an even ratio, resulting in a crisp image instead of one that blends pixels together, aliasing the image and making it look a touch fuzzy. Unfortunately, sometimes when you connect an external display, the system will not output to its native resolution, and may show a blurred image, or show an image at a different aspect ratio or size, with black bars of unused screen real estate around the image.

First, be sure to check your Mac's display settings, and turn off mirroring modes.

9 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Multiple Monitors on Your Mac

These modes allow the same image to be displayed on both monitors simultaneously, but in doing so the system will not be able to scale one resolution to match another, so it simply reduces the resolution of both to the highest shared resolution setting. This will result in one of the displays being blurry while the other is crisp.

Next, try using a different adapter or display cable, especially if the display is a large-format display. For instance, some monitors require a dual-link DVI connection, which means that many common single-link DVI adapters and cables will not work. While the display might still function at lower resolution outputs, this mode will result in the unwanted blurry image display.

If your monitor or television uses HDMI connections, you might find that in comparison to DVI or VGA connections, the system will often output an image that is less than the size of your monitor, resulting in a black border around the image.

This can be addressed by dragging the Overscan control slider in the Displays system preferences until the image size matches the display. I have spent a whole day trying to fix one screen res. There is nothing on the Mac forums saying this, so thanks again.

Such an easy quick fix. Thanks a lot, that was a really great helpful piece of information. Without knowing it I was feeling like what a big trouble I am in. But such a small knowledge sharing from you just saved my day. Thanks once again for your generous effort to help people like me! May peace be upon you….

Untangling monitor resolution and size — how to pick the best display for home and office use

I have the new imac 5k, and there are so few options in resolution, at x most stuffs get unreadable, or requires a great effort to read, also the small pointer get so small you barely can find it. That app fixed my troubles!! Thanks for the tip Laurence! Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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