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The middle of three late Mac Minis is put up against its siblings. Mac mini is sort of upgradable but is it any good as it is? Find out in this Mac mini 1. The Mac mini remains the most subversive little personal computer made by Apple. The mini Server gets quad-core and Thunderbolt — so can it replace Xserve? The latest Mac minis deliver serious performance but lose the optical drive.

Apple Mac mini (Mid 2010), Macmini4,1 Installation Guides & Specifications

We expected to see faster performance from the Apple Mac mini Mid now it's finally received the Intel Core-series Sandy Bridge upgrade. But we weren't prepared for these lab results. But it's more than a mere incremental upgrade. The step up in processors, from the second generation Sandy Bridge chips to the new third-gen Ivy Bridge CPUs, bring a welcome increase in power.

Apple Mac mini Review (Mid 2010)

Unfortunately, the discrete graphics chip that made its Mac mini debut in last year's high-end model has now gone, so both Mac minis rely solely on integrated graphics. This is annoying, considering making room for the discrete chip was given as a reason for dropping the optical drive.

That's not you, right?

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Back to School Note that your Mac will need to be running at least OS X Presumably this is because you need to run the Mac App Store. If your Mac is too old, you could always buy a new Mac, or even a more recent used or refurbished model.

If you're getting tight on hard disk or SSD space, read this article about how to delete files that take up space on your Mac , and this article about how to reclaim space on your drive using Intego's Mac Washing Machine. Regardless, if you only have enough free space to install macOS High Sierra, then you should seriously consider cleaning up your hard drive. If your Mac is on the far end of the compatibility list — those models from late or — you may find that things get a bit sluggish.

Does an SSD and RAM upgrade make this 2010 mac mini any good?

This is possible on many iMacs, the Mac Pro, and some Mac mini models. If you want to try, though, check the iFixit website ; they have great teardowns and walkthroughs that may help. I'd want to have at least 4 GB, or more if possible.

My MacBook has 8 GB, and that seems to me the minimum to be comfortable running multiple apps, but if your use is more limited, 4 GB should be fine. Another upgrade you can make, which would have a notable effect, is swapping your hard drive if your Mac has one for an SSD. The price of SSDs has dropped a lot in recent years, but it will still cost a lot more per gigabyte than a hand drive.

But you don't need an SSD for all your files, unless you're using a laptop.

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Want to Get More from Your Mac Mini? Start With These Upgrade Tips

I bet already know the answer. They back up your files in slightly different ways, and it never hurts to have more than one backup in case one of them becomes corrupted. Select your drive and click First Aid. The app will run a check on the drive, its catalog information, and your files. If there are any repairs to be made, it will be able to carry out most of them. While you're at it, you might want to check any external drives you use, and get into the habit of checking them from time to time just in case.