Lightroom 5 shortcut keys mac

Switch to the compare View, to see two photos side-by-side.

The Ultimate List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightroom

C is for for Compare. Z is for Zoom. Add a Flag.

P is for Pick. U is for Unflag.

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  • 1. Reveal all Shortcuts.

Select all flagged photos. Control or Command A works in a number of apps to select everything — just add an Alt or Option to select only the flagged photos. Reject photo. Cross out that photo. Delete all rejects.

The Alt/Option key as a visualization tool

Just add control or command to the delete keyboard shortcut to control all those rejects. Add a star rating. Number keys This one really is as easy as Add a color label. Add a keyword. K is for Keyword. Create a virtual copy. Edit in Photoshop.

Capture One Tips | Some Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts In Capture One Pro & How To Make Them

Sync settings. White balance eye dropper. Note: The rest of these keyboard shortcuts are for the Develop module.

Not all of them are shown on the shortcuts list. Lightroom automatically gives the Crop Overlay the same orientation as the photo, with no immediately obvious way of rotating it. To do so, simply press X. By default the Crop Overlay is automatically given the same size and orientation as the original frame. Press X to rotate the Crop Overlay and make an extreme crop. Repeat as often as you like.

Keyboard Symbol Guide

But the second one is much better. You can of course fine-tune it by moving the pin indicating the sampled area manually.

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  • Keyboard Symbol Guide?

If you double-click on the Whites and Blacks sliders in the Basic panel, Lightroom resets them to zero. If you hold the Shift key down while you do it, Lightroom calculates the best settings, working out where to position both sliders so that the histogram stretches all the way from the left side of the graph shadows to the right highlights without any gaps. This quick fix makes most photos look better right away. The flatter the original photo, the more extreme the settings required.

Essential Shortcuts for Lightroom’s Develop Module

Double-click the Whites and Blacks sliders while holding the Shift key down.