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The command codes for the Apple Remote vary depending on the current unique Pair-ID, so you may find codes posted elsewhere differing from these. We have provided codes using two different ID settings for your convenience. Apple remotes can be bought online from the Apple Store in the iPod accessories section or Amazon. They should also be available from local Apple stores or other authorized Apple resellers. Ignore any notices on the Apple product page claiming the remote requires an iPod and dock. Mira can be used to create personalized remote settings for any application on your Mac.

In other words, it can pretty much support every aplication. To start you off, there are pre-defined settings for the many applications which can be used as-is or as the basis for your own personal creations - this list is likely incomplete:.

logitech harmony remote software mac os x lion

Boxee Media Center Boxee Project et al. Plex Media Center Plex Project et al. After downloading the zip file, open it to extract the contained profile, then double-click the profile to import it into Mira, replacing the previous QuickTime Player profile. You will be able to have both QuickTime 7 Player and QuickTime X profiles and applications active at the same time if you desire.

You can create Keystroke Actions for any profile and direct them to any running application. Mira uses the same repeat rate as you have set for your keyboard. This may be changed in the Keyboard and Mouse pane of System Preferences. We do not recommend setting both the rate and delay to their fastest settings as you may fire multiple actions by accident. Keep the settings just one tick from the fastest which still provides the desired speed with higher control.

Yes it does. A number of long press commands are built-in for popular applications, they can be found in the Action Menu's DuoPress Action submenu. The DuoPress Action type does support this functionality and it's currently being used for a number of built-in profiles. Similar results can also be achieved by creating an AppleScript with the functions you want and then using the Open Item action or Launch Menu to activate that AppleScript. You can learn more about AppleScript by visiting Apple.

Mira uses the icon that is currently attached to an item — the same icon that appears in the Finder. The default icon can be restored at any time by selecting the icon in the Get Info window again and pressing the Backspace or Delete key on the keyboard. Absolutely, we'd love to hear directly from developers about which settings they'd recommend as defaults for use with Mira. We can also provide information on our extremely versatile DuoPress Action file format for nearly unlimited custom possibilities.

Please contact us for additional details. Just select the Restore Built-in Profiles command from the Profile Options menu and then select one or more profiles to restore. As a convenience your Mac will accept commands from any Apple Remote by default. This isn't desired in all situations, such as when multiple Macs are being used together, because commands intended for one computer may be recognized by any other.

It also means someone with a remote can interrupt your important presentations. The Pair feature in the Options tab will create a link between your Mac and one remote, any other remote will simply be ignored. With direct line of sight you can easily send commands from 33 feet 10 meters away from the computer. Because of its powerful transmitter you will also find that the invisible beam can bounce off furniture, walls and ceilings, so you don't usually have to point directly at the computer.

Performance is affected by battery power, so if you notice your remote is not as responsive anymore, it likely means your battery is getting low. Mira will display a low battery warning once the power drops below a certain level. Yes, Mira currently supports a number of different languages which will automatically be enabled when you choose your language preference in the Mac OS International preference pane.

Please see the Mira Features page for a list of supported languages. If you'd like to help translate the application and help files into an additional language, please contact us. You may purchase Mira directly from this site using the Buy Online link to the right.

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A personal license file will be created for you and sent in an email. Opening the license file from your email will automatically register Mira. You should store your. You will need the license file again if you ever need to re-install Mira after a system crash or having previously uninstalled it. Using most email programs, such as Apple Mail, you should be able to double-click on the.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate - Universal Remote

When you do this Mira will receive the information it needs to complete your registration and pop up a small confirmation window. If for any reason you've lost your license file, please contact us by email and we'll gladly send you your original license email again. The most likely problem is that the license file has been saved with the incorrect filename, specifically the extension, the portion of the filename after the period.

If the file was saved from a webmail site, either the site or your browser may have changed the filename to end in ". This will prevent the license from opening properly once it's been downloaded to your Mac, because Mac OS will try to open it with the wrong application. If when you double-click the file it doesn't open through Mira, it's possible the file association also needs to be adjusted. An association is how Mac OS deals with files of a specific extension or type. If Mira is installed, then please do the following:. You should now delete the license file from the desktop.

This loss of file association is something that can happen in Mac OS from time to time to any file type. Mira is licensed for unlimited use on a single computer.

How Can I Uninstall Logitech Harmony Remote from My Mac

That means anyone who uses your computer is free to use Mira, with single or multiple user accounts. However, if you require the use of Mira on multiple computers, within the same household or otherwise, you should purchase a Mira license for each of those installations. We have a special Mira Family Pack available which allows installation on 3 computers within the same household for a special price. The Mira application is contained in a single Preference Pane application which stores both user and system preferences.

Manually deleting or moving to trash the Mira prefpane and preferences and removing the launch agent will wipe all traces of Mira from your system. You should log out and log back in not fast user switch or restart to make sure Mac OS clears miraRCD from memory and updates any of its caches. That means if you buy any 1. When a new major version is released 2. Support is also free for all customers forever, even if you're not using the latest major version. You can contact us by email.

MacOS Mira will not function in MacOS If you need Mira in your workflow, please don't update to the new OS at this time. To make sure Mira continues to properly control your apps in MacOS Please choose a different web browser. Mira Frequently Asked Questions. Apply your registration file to enable all built-in profiles with their unique actions.

Older MCE receivers and some newer "Vista" receivers are not supported. What's the difference between using a USB receiver and Apple's built-in? Mira is designed to work with Apple remote IR commands. How do I use my Harmony remote with Mira? How do I put Apple Remote commands into my universal remote? What are the Pronto Hex commands for the Apple Remote?

Do you sell Apple Remotes? Where can I buy an Apple Remote? Twisted Melon does not sell Apple Remotes. Strange but true. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld.

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